The Project

After relocating from New York, where the architectural landscape is quite different, Patricia Sahertian grew increasingly curious about her new home, Arizona. With a passion for history, personal stories, old photos and found objects, she wanted to learn more about the state’s buildings, people and past. Sahertian met with Jim McPherson, the president of the Arizona Preservation Foundation, to discuss ways in which she could accomplish this. He suggested a project where she would depict various landmarks, some endangered, some recognized for their restoration.

Through a series of small paintings, Sahertian takes us on a revealing journey into Arizona’s past inspired by little truths she discovered along the way. Doing extensive research to capture the authentic nature of her subjects, she presents the significance of eight of Arizona’s most historic landmarks with dramatic impact.

To allow these structures to reveal their stories, Sahertian pairs a representative portrait along with every site, introducing the viewer to the essence of each location. These miniature diptychs are based on photographs, painted with acrylic medium, and measure 2.5 x 4 inches each.